The Heng Seroff Real Estate Group would like to update you on the latest housing market conditions. Please see below for our January to November 2021 market overview compared to the same period in 2020 for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Throughout the major cities of Silicon Valley, we have observed the following:

• Many cities are enjoying double digit appreciation for single family homes year over year.
• An increase in price and decrease in inventory of single family homes in most areas
has created upward pressure on prices.
• Home sales surged in the second half of last year and throughout 2021 due to pandemic-
related lockdowns.
• Number of sales will continue to decline in cities across Silicon Valley.
• Home prices will continue to rise across the region, but at a slower pace than 2021.
• Condo and Townhome prices will continue to recover.
• Federal reserve policy will impact home prices.
• Bay Area will continue to be the high cost, low inventory market of the nation.

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The 2021 spring housing market is a strong seller’s market with lots of buyers and low inventory. However, we recognize that moving can be daunting and expensive, so to make your home sale easier we will offer you a FREE $2,000 MOVING CREDIT if you sign up during the month of April to list your home with us (even if we list it for sale later this year). This credit will only be offered in April, so if you are thinking of selling this year, the time to call us is NOW.

Contact us to find out more details and why the Heng Seroff Group is the best choice to list your Silicon Valley home!

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March is an optimal time to sell your home. As more buyers jump into the market, it is critical to make your property stand out above the rest. Tech-savvy Silicon Valley buyers are certain to appreciate smart home technology in their new home. Therefore, if you sign a listing agreement with us to sell your home during the month of March (even if we list it for sale later this year) we will install a smart Nest thermostat or Ring doorbell on your home free of charge prior to your home going on the market. This is only one of the many ways that the Heng Seroff Group is willing to invest in your home sale to ensure an optimal sale by making sure you sell it for as high of a price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Contact us to find out more details and why the Heng Seroff Group is the best choice to list your Silicon Valley home!

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September and October are the start of the fall home selling season. As one of the top listing teams in the Bay Area, we know that having a well-maintained home can make a major impact on your final sales price. That is why we are offering anyone who signs up with the Heng Seroff Real Estate Group during the month of September and October to list their home with us this year, even if it does not hit the market during these months, a complimentary 18-point interior and exterior service package to make sure your home looks as amazing to buyers as possible.

These free services include:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Exterior Window Washing
  • Driveway power washing (up to 400 sq. ft.)
  • Furnace Filter Replacement
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing & Battery Replacement
  • Garage Door Servicing
  • And much more!

Please get in touch with us to find out all of the maintenance items this service covers plus all of the other advantages of working with us.

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