As your Senior Real Estate Specialist, the Heng Seroff Group is committed to understanding and fulfilling your unique needs as a senior navigating the real estate market. Officially certified as a Senior Real Estate Specialist through the California Association of Realtors after undergoing extensive training, coupled with over 30 years of selling Bay Area real estate, you can be certain that you are working with professionals who are true experts in helping seniors contemplating selling their homes and downsizing.

Our personalized approach is driven by a thorough understanding of your desires and a meticulous attention to detail. Together, we will craft a tailored strategy perfectly aligned with your goals, ensuring a successful sale, purchase, or both!

Selling your cherished home can evoke a spectrum of emotions and as your trusted Senior Housing Real Estate Specialist, we empathize with your journey and will secure you the highest price for your home while ensuring a full-service and hassle-free experience.

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